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Cadgwith News Archive

30th September 2001 - Preparing for the storm
2nd December 2001 - Putting up the Christmas lights
4th December 2001 - A sneak preview

Previous news from Cadgwith:
30th September 2001 - Preparing for the storm 30th September 2001 The weather forcast is for gales, so all the fishing boats have been pulled up the cove, well clear of the high-tide line. Most of the smaller boats were taken away the day before (those that are left risk being smashed by the waves).

Although there is no risk of the waves reaching us, we have put sandbags across the foot of the door - to keep the rain out.

30th September 2001 The winds got stronger and we waited for high tide to see what would happen. The galleries and Julie's crab shop took down their hanging signs to avoid damage.

As there were no visitors around, we thought we would go for a walk up to the "Devils Frying-pan" (a huge collapsed cave, a few hundred yards along the Coast Path), to see what it looked like. Actually it was a bit of a disappointment, perhaps it would have looked better before high tide.

30th September 2001 This is the first time we have been able to go out together since coming to Cadgwith. Normally one of us has to be in the shop. I expect we will have plenty of time to explore once things quieten down after half term.

At least it gave us achance to do some exploring - find out where some of our friends live.

While the waves were quite spectacular, the storm was not as bad as we expected.

Still, the fishermen say there is more to follow and it will be several days before they put out to sea again.

2nd December 2001 - Putting up the Christmas lights Over the last few weeks, each weekend has been occupied in putting up the Cadgwith Cove Christmas lights.

2nd December 2001 The Christmas lights are an important fixture in the calendar. Some years ago the fishing village of Mousehole received much attention for the Christmas lights in and around the harbour. Cadgwith resident Ray Skewes saw the lights, and on coming home said "Why can't Cadgwith have lights too?" Ever since, Ray has been the hardest worker, repairing and building new set-piece displays.

Nowadays, it seems that most of the village is involved in some way. Committee meetings, which I suspect are mostly an excuse to spend Sunday evening in the pub, plan the year's display and supporting events, while the Summer Barbeques and collecting boxes provide most of the finance.

2nd December 2001 With many hands at work, the lights are now almost completed. We have had several weekends of good weather, but persistent rain today hindered things a little. There is not too much more to do now.

The display includes ropelights along the streets, dolphins, reindeer and stars on the buildings and poles, a ship hung from cables across the Cove and some dolphins across Little Cove. There will be a nativity scene on display in St. Mary's (the little tin chapel) and a Christmas tree in the centre of the cove. There are other displays - but you will have to come and see them for yourself! A large illuminated cross stands on the Todden, in memory of two local fishermen who died a few years ago.

The lights will be switched on on the 8th December, and it is expected that many people will come to enjoy the evening. Father Christmas will be there (arriving on the lifeboat) and there will be hot food and drink available. Naturally, our shop will be open, for gifts, drinks, sweets and maybe even the odd ice cream.

The lights will be on each evening until the 5th of January (unless they get blown down first!).

We seem to have been eating out all weekend! Saturday was "Sausages and Ale" at the pub (all you can eat, plus a drink for 7.50). Sunday started at the Methodist Chapel for a combined family service (with the parish church) followed by lunch (with a guest appearance from "Arthur Christmas"). While Sunday evening was spent at the Village Hall for a "Carolare", including yet more food.

Stop Press! - It's frosty! We were told you never get frost in Cadgwith.

4th December 2001 - A sneak preview 4th December 2001
A trial run provides the oportunity for a sneak preview of the lights. Just visible in the trees above the winch-house is Santa in his sleigh, while other lights can be seen in the street and on the buildings.
4th December 2001
On the cliff side can be seen a lighthouse, a Christmas cracker in front of Bodriggy, a candle by the Coast Path and, just about visible, a whale on the mast. There are also lights around the Black Hut.
4th December 2001
More lights can be seen in the street.
4th December 2001
Strung accross the cove is a ship. The illuminated cross on the Todden is in memory of two local fishermen who died a few years ago.
2nd December 2001

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